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Show Stopper Dolls
2002 Collection


Show Stopper Dolls
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Show Stopper Dolls

Flossie Maranuk, President and founder of Show-Stopper, was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.
She graduated from Brandywine College in Delaware and founded Show Stopper in 1983.
Her premier doll was Presented at the New York Gift Show.
There are currently over one million Florence Maranuk Dolls in the hands of enthusiastic doll collectors worldwide.

Flossie's fascination with travel brings her to some of the most exotic cities and countries worldwide for several months each year.
Her love of travel, combined with her deep fascination in people and children throughout the world, is deeply reflected in her designs.
Her prestigious Florence Maranuk Collection is avidly sought after by knowledgeable collectors.

She currently heads a team of national and international sculptors and costume designers. "Attention to Detail" is the cornerstone of her success.
The exquisite materials used, the expressive sculpting, and the innovative designs combine in an art form that makes her dolls speak for themselves.
Flossie currently resides in Brigantine, New Jersey.

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